University Archives: Staff and Student Records

Personnel Files (U PHR),1908-2012

This large collection contains individual personnel files of former University of Hull staff. The files generally include notes and correspondence relating to salary changes, promotion, study leave, sickness leave and health benefit, superannuation schemes, retirement and resignation where applicable. Most files also include one or more CVs for that person.

All staff files of those who retired or left the University before or in 1960 were retained. After 1960, only files relating to senior and notable figures were kept.

Most of the files are closed under data protection legislation (GDPR). Please see individual catalogue entries for more information regarding access.

Torch, Torchlight and Hullfire (U SUH/1),1928 onwards

This collection contains copies of the Torch, Torchlight and Hullfire magazines. Torch was the newspaper of the Students Union of the University College of Hull and was produced from 1928 to 1958. Between 1959 and 1974 the Torch continued as an Arts magazine. Torchlight, the newspaper of the University of Hull, ran from 1956 to 1974 when it was replaced by Hullfire, newspaper of the University of Hull’s Student Union, which is still being produced.

The newspapers generally cover news and sports relating to the University of Hull as well as providing reviews of student theatre and other activities. There is some reference to wider national and international events.

Student Admin Records (U SADM),1927-1987

This collection contains alphabetical student lists which provide details of student names, dates of birth, previous education, address, degree course, and results of examination. Other details may include: hall of residence and date of entry.

Student lists are closed under data protection legislation for 75 years from the latest date of file. However, it may be possible to grant access under certain conditions. Please contact the University Archives team with details of your request including information about your current research.

Papers of the University of Hull Senior Common Room (U SCR),1928-1985

The Senior Common Room (SCR) was formed in 1928 with the establishment of the University College at Hull and continued until it disbanded in 1982. The SCR held various events, such as dinner dances, throughout the year, provided staff areas across different parts of the University, and subscribed to several newspapers and periodicals for use by staff.

This small collection includes minutes and agendas, with related correspondence, of SCR general meetings (1928-1982); income and expenditure accounts for the year end (1971-1980); ledgers detailing income and expenditure by person and item (1928-1980); invoices and receipts generally relating to newspaper and periodical subscriptions and periodical auctions; bank statements for the SCR accounts and balance sheets (1952-1973) and financial statements for the year end (1968-1972). There are also lists of subscribers with details of amount of subscription and how paid (1969-1971).

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