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Stories from the Strongrooms

In this series of short video talks, Hull History Centre staff explore some of the stories we've found in our collections. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you never miss a new video!

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The Three Crowns: The Story of Hull's Coat of Arms

In this episode of our Stories from the Strongrooms we look at Hull’s Coat of Arms, or as it’s known locally The Three Crowns. A familiar emblem of the City, we explore its history and what, if anything, it means.


Rationing & Regeneration: Hull's post-war years 1945-1951

This month we’ll look at Hull’s post-war years, from the end of the war in 1945 to the Festival of Britain 1951.

The History Centre holds a vast collection of records relating to Hull in the years following the Second World War, as well as a considerable collection of records relating to the Second World War, including records relating to the Civil Defence in Hull, damage to property, and photographs of the aftermath of the 86 raids which reveal the true devastation of the City after the conflict. To find out more, see our Second World War Research Guide.


Stoneferry: A History

In this episode of our Stories from the Strongrooms we look at Stoneferry and its history. Now swallowed up by the city of Hull, the once hamlet of Stoneferry has its own unique and fascinating history which dates back over 700 years. All images within this talk are taken from various collections held at the Hull History Centre.


The Lion of Hull: Alderman Sir Joseph Leopold Schultz OBE

This month Jews around the world celebrate the seven-day festival of Passover, and our latest Stories from the Strongrooms talk looks at the political contribution of Sir Leo Shultz (1900-1991) to the city of Hull. The talk will guide you through his life, pointing out some little-known and interesting facts along the way.


Arts and Crafts in the Archives

In this video we explore the more creative side of archives as we take a look at some of the arts and crafts items held at the History Centre.


‘Of modern origin and Spurious character’: The Hull Celebrities & Johnson Manuscript of William Gunnell

Join us in exploring the controversial 1876 ‘Hull Celebrities’ book by William Gunnell and the related Johnson manuscript from which it was allegedly derived.


Bransholme Castle

In this episode of our Stories from the Strongrooms we look at Bransholme Castle. Its early history is somewhat shrouded in mystery, with little known about its origins. Because of this, hypotheses are put forward as to its construction using sources available held at the Hull History Centre.