Detail from 1553 Queen Mary Charter (ref C-BRC.22)

Donating material to the Centre

Although the History Centre provides a single point of access, behind the scenes we remain three services. Each developed its own collecting or acquisition policies, and these have now been brought together in the History Centre's Acquisition Policy.

If you have a document that you think should be preserved, and would benefit users of the Hull History Centre, feel free to contact us.

An archivist or local studies librarian will discuss the item(s) with you, and if we felt that it would fit in with the collections we would issue a temporary receipt before the deposit was formally accessioned.

We may recommend that you approach an alternative repository, such as the East Riding of Yorkshire Archive Service as this is the archive for the Archdeaconry of the East Riding.

The History Centre will collect records such as manuscripts, printed works, typescripts, maps, plans, drawings, photographs, digital media, and sound/video archives. Works of art, 3D objects or artefacts would be more appropriately offered to Hull Museums service.

The History Centre seeks to make the records held available to the public unless specific closure periods are required by legislation, custom and practice or reasonable depositor request.

Our policy of strengthening our holdings in areas we already specialise in is based on sound archival and practical reasons.