Detail from 1553 Queen Mary Charter (ref C-BRC.22)

Copying Service

What is the copying service?

If you are unable to visit the History Centre to view items of interest, we may be able to provide you with copies. You can apply to the Copying Service if you know the specific reference numbers of the items you wish to have reproduced. 

Please contact us with the item reference numbers before sending any money. We will physically check the items and make a decision as to whether they can be photocopied, or if photocopying is unsuitable for preservation reasons. For items which cannot be photocopied, we can usually supply a digital scan or photograph. We will advise you if this is the case.

If you wish to proceed, please complete our Copyright Form (0.5MB, PDF) for all photocopying requests.

Please send signed and completed forms and payment by post to Hull History Centre, Worship St, Hull, HU2 8BG, or return the form by email and pay online (you will receive details of how to pay online with your quote). We cannot proceed with any copying until full payment is received.

How much will it cost?

The cost will vary depending on the request.

The minimum charge for photocopying is £12. Copies are usually supplied by email as PDFs, unless requested otherwise. The minimum charge includes up to 10 A4 pages, staff time and handling, and standard postage (if applicable). If the photocopying request exceeds 10 A4 pages, each additional page will be charged at the applicable fee e.g. 11 A4 pages will be £12.45, 12 pages will be £12.90, and so on.

Please note that large orders may incur an additional handling fee. Please contact us for details.

Full information about charges can be found on our List of fees.

How long will I wait?

We will respond to your initial enquiry within 10 working days and will process your copying order as soon as possible once we have received your completed order form and payment. Copying time will vary depending on the size of the order, but we aim to complete copying within 10 working days of receiving the order form and payment. 

Research Service

If you require research to be undertaken in order to identify any relevant items that you may wish to have copied, please apply through our Research Service in the first instance.

What about copyright legislation?

When requesting copies of material from the searchroom, we require you to complete a copyright declaration. This states that you will only use the copies for personal research. If images are required for publication or public display, you must contact us as further permissions may be required.

Is there anything that cannot be photocopied?

We will only photocopy material where this will not put the item at risk of damage. This means that we can only copy items up to A3 in size. 

We are also unable to photocopy parchment, film, photographs, bound items, and any other material we feel will be damaged by the copying process. However, in most instances we will be able to provide digital images of items that cannot be photocopied. Please see Digital images for details.