Students in the Needler Hall common room

University Records Project

The University of Hull will 100 years old in 2027!

In summer 2023, Hull University Archives began an ambitious project to catalogue records created by the university during its century long existence.

This project is inspired by the upcoming centenary and will enable the University Archives to better support research and activities in connection with the centenary celebrations.

Follow our progress below and on the History Centre's blog (filter using the category 'University Centenary').

Don't forget to keep an eye on our Stories from the Strongrooms talks. So far we've posted the following videos exploring the University's history:

 The University of Hull - Early Years in Pictures

Update: October 2023

The project began back in July, when we started with a survey of what we have. Next, we got physical and moved the collections around in our strongrooms, giving us space to work and making sure successive accessions to individual collections were located together. After this we could get cracking and the cataloguing work began! By the end of September we had catalogued the following collections:

  • Records of the Students Union
  • Records of Hull University Social Services Organisation
  • Papers of T.W. Bamford on the History of the University
  • Records of the Centre for Languages in Education
  • Records of the Hull University Staff Cricket Club
  • Records of the Lecturing and Administrative Staff Association
  • Records of the University Staff Women's Club
  • Records of the Senior Common Room
  • Annual Reports and Accounts
  • Annual Calendars
  • The University Gazette
  • Records of the Centre for South East Asian Studies
  • Press Cuttings Books

A quick note to say that, whilst cataloguing work has been completed on the above collections, the catalogues are not yet available online. We're holding off on releasing them until we've got further into the project in case we uncover any more treasures that we need to add in. If you are interested in accessing anything please do get in touch using the email