Duke of York laying the Foundation Stone, April 1928

University Archives: Introduction

Archives of the University of Hull at the History Centre

The Hull History Centre holds various official records produced by the University of Hull, from its early days as a University College through to the present day. Catalogued collections include:

  • official publications (ref U ORP)
  • records of the Brynmor Jones Library (U LIB)
  • records of the Adult Education Department (U ADU)
  • staff personnel files (U PHR)
  • student lists (U SADM)
  • student newspapers (U SUH)
  • papers of the Senior Common Room (U SCR).

Please note that owing to their sensitive nature, many of the staff personnel files and student lists are closed under data protection legislation. Please see individual items for further details of closure dates.

The Centre also holds many other collections created by the University, however, this material is not catalogued and therefore is not generally accessible. In some cases a draft or box list may exist which may allow us to provide access to the collection ahead of the material being catalogued.

If you are interested in any of these collections please contact the University Archives team.

Please use the following links to find further details relating to specific catalogued collections:

Departmental Papers (U LIB, U ADU)

Official Publications (U ORP, Exam Papers, U REG)

Staff and Student Records (U PHR, U SUH, U SCR, U SADM)

Student Experience archive