Drypool Basin, Victoria Dock

Skipper cards

Within the records of Hellyer Brothers, Trawler Owners on St. Andrews Dock, Hull are a series of over 1000 skippers' records cards (ref C DBHB/26).

Each skipper of a trawler was assigned a card and after each trip various details were recorded. The cards are for skippers who served on vessels from the Pickering and Haldane, Lord Line, Thomas Hamling, Loch and Kingston Trawling Companies.

The cards contain: the skipper's name (first name initial only, not full name); the dates of voyages and length; the vessels served on; approximate number of kits and the actual number landed; the grounds fished; gross sales and any other remarks. This last section often indicates the type of fish landed. They cover the years 1929-1960, although there are gaps between late 1939 and early 1944.

As well as being able to research individual skippers who worked in the fishing industry, these cards could also aid research into the history of specific vessels as well as types of fish caught. They could also aid research into the fishing grounds in which Hull vessels operated.

These cards have been indexed and the information has been added to our online catalogue. You can search the collection for a specific name by entering the name you're looking for into the search box.