Fishing Crew Lists

Hull City Archives holds 25,500 fishing crew lists for fishing vessels operating out of Hull between 1884-1914 (ref C DPF).

The C DPF catalogue lists crew members down to the 4th hand, gives details of apprentices on board and records any untoward events, such as deaths, injuries or incidents of ill-discipline. It is possible to search by surname or ship's name.

Should you find the person you are looking for, the original crew list will give extra details such as age, where born and who received the wages (usually wife, mother or self). This information can be found by visiting the archives to view the original crew list. Always make a note of the full reference number, e.g. C DPF/22/132, to enable us to access the relevant document.

If your ancestor was employed lower than 4th hand you would need to visit the History Centre to search through the lists themselves. Please be aware that this could take a considerable amount of time.

Searching our online catalogue

To search this collection go to our online catalogue and enter the name you are looking for in the keyword field, then enter "CDPF" in the reference field and click search.

Other resources

Crew List Index Project (CLIP) is a not-for-profit volunteer project, set up to assist research into the records of British merchant seafarers of the late 19th and early 20th century. Over the last twenty years the team have worked with hundreds of people and many archives around the world to make the largest database of seafarers' records and provide unique resources which are widely used by maritime researchers.