Civil Defence

How were bombing raids on Hull recorded?

Hull was subjected to 86 raids: the first was on 19/20 June 1940, and the last was on 17 March 1945.

The raid number refers to the night of a raid, for instance all attacks on 9/10 May 1941 were recorded as Raid 46.

Within each raid there could be many incidents, all of which are recorded within our incident files in the Air Raid Precautions/Civil Defence collection at C TYA. The incident files contain copies of all messages, reports and correspondence received with reference to each incident.

How can I find out when a street in the city was bombed?

The street name index in the search room contains a card for each street bombed within the city boundaries giving the date of the raid(s) and the reference number of the files containing information relating to the raid [C TYA/1-86].

How do we know when there was an air raid?

We hold a register of air raid warnings showing times of warnings and all clear and notification of both to Public Cleansing, City Engineers, Broadcast Relay, Chief Warden and the Town Clerk at C TYA/87-90.

Do you have a register of unexploded bombs?

Yes, we have a register of reports of unexploded bombs, unexploded parachute mines and unexploded anti-aircraft shells at C TYA/91.