Buck's Panorama of Hull 1745

Maps and Plans

Maps provide a detailed view about the local area and how land use has changed over the centuries. They were compiled for various reasons and there are a huge number of maps and plans to discover.

From Historical maps and plans of Hull, East Yorkshire and Yorkshire, to Ordnance Survey maps, Drainage plans, Navigational charts and Boundary and ward maps, the Local Studies Library has something to interest everyone.

There are further maps and plans in our archive collections. You can search for these on our online catalogue. Try using keywords such as "map" or "plan".


Most maps can be viewed in the library area or search room and many can be accessed through the map drawers.

In some cases you will need to order maps from our strongrooms, and these can only be viewed in the search room.

We are working to make our collections more discoverable through our online catalogue. However, some can only be found by using the Information Indexes in the library at the History Centre. These indexes are useful for searching additional maps in our holdings of Hull and the surrounding area. Some maps have been published or reproduced in a number of books relating to the history of Hull, which are available to access in the library area.