Politics and Campaigning

Political Collections at the History Centre

Hull History Centre is a national repository for political papers. We hold collections relating to associations and campaign groups, members of parliament, political figures and political parties. Collections cover the 19th-21st centuries, with a strong focus on the mid-late 20th century.

Associations and Campaign Groups

We have many collections, both large and small relating political organisations and campaigns formed around a specific issue. These collections include records of Liberty (ref U DCL), International Voluntary Service [U DIVS], British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection [U DBV], Justice the British Section of the International Commission of Jurists (U DJU), the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (U DJC), Union of Democratic Control (U DDC), Cooperative Women’s Guild (U DCW), Parity and the Socialist Health Association (U DSM). Collections in this area generally contain subject files, publicity material, publications, correspondence, press cuttings, photographs, minutes and reports.

Members of Parliament

We have a significant number of MPs papers. These include records for James Johnson (U DJJ), Kevin McNamara (U DMC), Anne Patricia Kerr (U DMK), John Prescott (U DMR) and Chris Mullin (U DMU). Collections in this area generally contain subject files, constituency files, speeches, and correspondence.

Political Figures

We have many small collections relating individuals involved with various political causes. Causes represented are Socialism, Communism, the Labour movement, civil rights and human rights. We have significant collections for the hard left New Zealand born barrister John Platts-Mills (U DPM), Robin Page Arnott a Communist Party Executive member (U DAR), Jock Haston a Trotskyist and former Communist Party member (U DJH) and John Saville an academic and founding member of the New Left (U DJS). Collections in this area generally contain Correspondence, publications, writings, speeches, subject files, research files, and ephemeral material relating to organisations of which the individual has been a member.

Political Parties

We have a number of small collections relating to Left-leaning political parties of Labour, Fabian, Social Democrat, Marxist and Communist persuasions. These include records of the Hull Fabian Society (U DX217), the Social Democratic Federation (U DX78), the Revolutionary Communist Party (U DX211) and the Hull branch of the Communist Party of Great Britain (U DCP). Collections in this area generally contain publications, campaign material, minutes, reports, correspondence and press cuttings.

Trade Unions

We have a number of small collections relating to various trade unions, mostly local Hull and East Riding branches. These include records for the National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers (Hull and District Branch) (U DSA), the TUC General Council (U DTU), Transport and General Workers Union (U DTG) and the Amalgamated Society of Boilermakers, Shipwrights, Blacksmiths and Structural Workers (Hull Branch) (U DX116). Collections in this area generally contain administrative papers such as minutes, agenda, reports, accounts, contribution books, rules and correspondence.