Fees and Charges

The Hull History Centre is happy to provide copies of documents and images in its care. We are aware that most of the documents and images are unique and irreplaceable. We will not therefore photocopy any item if we feel the copying process would damage it, especially for volumes, but offer our digital image service instead. We also retain the right to not provide copies if we believe copyright laws would be infringed or if the data protection rights of individuals mentioned in the documents could be compromised. Due to the possibility of causing damage to documents during handling and scanning, the use of portable scanners at the History Centre is prohibited.

Copying Services
In all cases you will be asked to sign a copyright declaration form which also serves as the order form (PDF, 50kb) to request your copies. Some Ordnance Survey maps and building plans are subject to specific regulations for copying. Please ask a member of staff for details.

Updated 4 May 2016

Library area

Self Service photocopying
A4 - 10p
A3 - 20p

Printing from PCs
A4 Black and White - 10p     A3 Black and White - 50p 
A4 Colour - 75p A3 Colour - £1.50

Microfilm/fiche reader copies
A4 Black and White - 50p     A3 Black and White - £1.00 

Archives searchroom

Photocopying by staff items from the archives searchroom
A4 Black and White - 30p     A3 Black and White - 60p 
A4 Colour - 80p A3 Colour - £1.60

Own camera use
30p per shot or £15 per day

Photographs/digital images:
Cost (per printed image) for photographs taken by digital camera or digital images scanned from negatives or from manuscripts etc.
A4 297 x 210 mm £8.00
A3 420 x 297 mm £10.00
A2 594 x 420 mm £25.00
A1 841 x 594 mm £35.00
A0 1189 x 841 mm £55.00

Cost for images supplied in digital format
Each image costs £5.
Each order carries a handling charge of £5 which includes the supply of a CD or DVD, or images supplied by e-mail or file sharing. Please note we will only send low resolution images via email.

To order digital images please contact us for a quote before completing our order form and returning it along with appropriate payment.

In addition to the cost of copying the following postal charges apply: 

     UK               Mainland Europe          Rest of the world
A4    upto 100g (upto 10 sheets) £1.50 £3.00 £5.00
A4    101-250g (11-40 sheets) £2.00 £5.00 £8.00
A4    251-500g (41-80 sheets) £2.50    
A4    501-750g (81-120 sheets)      £3.00    
A3, A2 (in a tube) £3.00 £10.00 £10.00
A1, A0 (in a tube) £5.00 £10.00 £10.00
CD or DVD £1.50 £3.50 £5.00

Costs for overseas orders exceeding 40 sheets will be confirmed during the ordering process.

Enquiry Service
We can carry out research in blocks of half an hour at a charge of £16 per half hour. The fee is non-refundable. The maximum amount of time we can spend on any one enquiry will be one hour at a cost of £32. For further information see our detailed description about the enquiry service.


There is a minimum charge of £10 for requests of photocopies made by phone or e-mail where the correct reference is cited – this covers the handling charge and for copying upto 10 A4 (or 5 A3) pages and postage. If the reference is not known, the enquiry will fall under our normal enquiry service - £16 for 30 minutes research including upto 4 A4 copies.

This fee is chargeable on items reproduced in published works, where copyright is owned by Kingston upon Hull City Council or the University of Hull.

Commercial organizations - the fee is £25.00 (per item reproduced)
Non profit making organizations - the fee is £10.00 (per item reproduced)

If you wish to reproduce other items, it is your responsibility to obtain the necessary copyright permission from the copyright owners.

Certification of any copy or transcript by a qualified Archivist - fee is £16.00 for each application. This is payable for the search, and includes the cost of the certification

Data Protection Enquiries
Data Subject Access Enquiries - £10.00
3rd Party Access Enquiries - £32.00 for 1 hour's research
If the information available exceeds 20 sheets of A4, normal photocopying costs will be charged in addition. Further information about Data Protection is included in our Closure Guidelines.

Building Regulation enquiries
Searches and copies of building regulation approvals - fee of £16.00 for each application. This is payable for the search, but also includes the cost of the copy certificate if one is found.

Handling Charges
Large and complex orders will incur additional handling charges to reflect the additional staff time to retrieve, copy and return the items safely - this will be highlighted prior to any payment being taken.