What's Happening in Hull

A major exhibition to promote and celebrate the renewal of many of Hull’s public buildings and services has opened at the Hull History Centre.

The What’s Happening in Hull touring exhibition has been brought together by Hull Civic Society in conjunction with eight major partners who, between them are revitalising Hull’s schools, health centres, housing, higher education, the economy and the public realm.

And a great deal really is happening, right across the city – a major renaissance is underway to replace many of our public buildings and a transformation in the services they provide, on a scale not seen in the past fifty years – a veritable revolution!

Whilst many of the new buildings and services receive good coverage in the media when they are initially unveiled, it is not easy to get an impression of the sheer scale of the investments being made and planned and what is being achieved.

The What’s Happening in Hull exhibition aims to present the full picture in one mobile exhibition.

The exhibition consists of over twenty large display panels with four video screens, depicting progress in all areas of the city.

The revitalised infrastructure is the result of many teams of craftsmen, designers, project managers, suppliers and the City Council, all working together to push forward the quality of life, economy, and the appearance of our city – its image and attractiveness to visitors and investors.

The partners include associated British Ports, Building Schools for the Future – Esteem and Balfour Beaty, City Care, Hull City Council, Hull College Group, the University of Hull and Hull Civic Society.

The exhibition will be at the Hull History Centre until the end of January and then, we hope that as it tours around venues across the city, as many people as possible will be able to view the exhibition and share with us the pride and excitement in the development of our great city.

John Netherwood Jan 2013