Lord Mayors Centenary

16th June 2014

Lord Mayors centenary logoThis year is the one hundredth year of the title of Hull’s Lord Mayor.

For a City to have a Lord Mayor is a rare distinction, one which is shared with only 23 other cities in England. It was a tribute to Hull’s population, significance as a port and world renown as a commercial centre that King George V designated its chief citizen a Lord Mayor on 26 June 1914.

To mark this centenary the History Centre is putting on display four of the original charters which tell the story of the titles of Mayor and Lord Mayor. These include the charter of King Edward I which founded Hull in 1299, together with the charter of his grandson King Edward III which granted the title of Mayor in 1331. We are also displaying the grant by Queen Victoria of the title of City to Hull in 1897, and the all important document by which the office of Lord Mayor was created in 1914.

The display will be at the History Centre from Tuesday 24 June to Friday 11 July.

List of Hull Mayors since 1331

Details of the celebrations being held in Hull on Saturday 28th June