Drama in the archives

Hull History Centre will buzz with drama on 10th May as students from the University of Hull’s Department of Drama and Music present short performances inspired by the archives. The students are working on a practical project in which they are devising pieces of theatre inspired by items from Hull History Centre’s archives.

The pieces of theatre are going to be performed in the History Centre’s arcade and lecture theatres, providing the students with interesting public spaces in which to perform. The students have been visiting the History Centre regularly over the past few weeks, looking at quarter sessions court records, coroner’s inquests, letters and diaries, all of which contain narratives relating to the lives and experiences of people in Hull, local and national events.

These stories have inspired four performance pieces, inspired by archives relating to the the Blitz in Hull, patients at Hull Asylum, and the travel diaries of writer Vera Brittain. The performances will take place in the arcade area and lecture theatre area of the History Centre, and one of the practical challenges for the students is making these spaces work for the performers and their audience.

The series of performances begins at 2pm. Each performance will last about 15 minutes and there will be a short break in between each one. The audience will not be seated and no tickets are required, just come along on the day.