2012 Closure - Report

7th December 2012

Last year we focused on the public areas - so this year we returned to sorting collections - often by getting out a large number of boxes and working through the material - something we can't do easily whilst providing a public service.

So what have we achieved?

Library material:
Staff have been sorting a large quantity of local studies material that has been received in the last six months or so - checking the card and online catalogues to see if the item is already held amongst the collections before further processing. 

 sorting and merging stock sorting material

We have also been merging two series of library material together. At the time of writing staff have merged just over 100 linear metres of the duplicate and reference copies of material. Historically these have been seperate because their status differed but this has meant checking in multiple locations to find a particular title. We hope that merging this material will make retrieval far more efficient, as well as making better use of space in the strongrooms.

University Archives:

Staff have begun to sort through a large collection of material relating to the University, removing duplicate copies of annual reports and other publications. One colleague has also continued to work on sorting a major collection enabling a draft list to be sent to the depositor for comment - and hopefully this will be available for public access in spring 2013.

sorting material in the stacks

Each year in closure week the building gets a deep clean, the carpets in the public area get washed and the xmas tree is put-up in the arcade.