Esther's Ginger Biscuits 

Our Comments;

‘Delicious! Crunchy and yummy’ – Arike
‘Gingeriffic! Love that crunch!’ – Mike
‘Really, really nice. Make more please’ – Kirsty
‘I enjoyed the softness and the chewiness – better than bought ginger biscuits!!’ – Christine
‘Lovely & crunchy & a bit different, from normal gingerbread! Ace!’ – Nicola
‘Very treacle filled – nice’ Elspeth
‘Those were very, very nice’ – Dave
‘Really nice, loved the intense flavour and crunchy texture. Thank you!’ – Hannah
‘Lovely and crunchy! Very sweet too J’ – Lucy
‘Very nice J crunchy mmmm :p’ – Sophie
‘Yum! Not too sweet’ - Judy

The Recipe

Ginger Biscuits