Nicola's Christmas Rose Biscuits 

I don't think any of our former chefs would mind me saying that this has been the most succesful recipe yet! It comes from the recipe book of Ada Hartley which is kept at the History Centre under the reference C DIMH/1/3. 

Our Comments;

‘Look too good to eat!’ – CaoimheDecember Cookery Club
‘Lovely taste and texture - Like a sweet pastry’ – Carol
‘Top drawer biccies! Just right amount of sweetness!!’ - Mike
‘Wonderful! Look great and taste as good’ – Jodie
‘Yum! Delicious - I want to eat them all, they're very pretty!’ - Arike
'Delicious! Are we having them every week?' - David
'Gorgeous, some of the nicest biscuits biccies I've ever had!' - Martin
'Very soft and crumbly almost too pretty to eat' - Chris
'They look fantastic and they're very lovely and light, with a shortbread
like texture, yum!' - Laura
'Lovely texture and taste!'

December Cookery Club

The Recipe

December Cookery Club