Virtual Tour - local studies library

plan of building showing library area

Library, IT and microfilm areas
To the left of the Welcome desk is the entrance to the main building - and the first of two main areas for visitors using the resources of the History Centre. Visitors are also able to search our catalogues and other online databases and resources through open-access PCs.

This area contains all the 'open access' material - local studies and other reference books, microfilm and fiche. It is fully equipped with PCs and state-of-the-art touchscreen microfilm reader printers, which are grouped at the north end of the space with appropriate lighting and adjustable blinds. There are also chairs, desks and comfy seating, to suit those undertaking several hours of study as well as those just browsing. Staff based at the Enquiry Desk are able to offer assistance and advice.

The area will feature displays and notice-boards - about the resources and activities of the Centre. These provide an opportunity for community and other local-interest groups to raise awareness and exchange information. Two small meeting rooms near the Enquiry Desk are available for groups to book.