New collections now online

This page seeks to highlight significant collections that have been catalogued and are now available for consulting at the History Centre and as part of our online catalogue and in some cases links to soure guides about the collection including the range and type of material and possible ways it can be used.


Political Papers of Colin Creighton (U DX185)

Papers of Chris Mullin MP (U DMU) 

Records of the Council for Academic Freedom (U DAF)

Research Papers Relating to the Global Environment Facility (U DGEF)

Papers of Philip Arthur Larkin (U DPL)


Liquid Crystals and Advanced Materials Research Group, University of Hull (U DLCR)

Francis Johnson & Partners, Architects (U DFJ)
Victor Weisz (U DX165)
Jeffrey Robert Fewless of Ellerman's Wilson Line (U DJF)

General Rate and Water Charges 1939-1940 
Georgian Society Records (re-organised and re-numbered - was U DX/99 now U DGS)

Hall's Barton Ropery Company Ltd, Hull (C DBRO)

Hull Insurance Institute (C DSHI) 

Hull and District Credit and Check Traders Association (C DSCT)

George de Boer (U DDB)
Plans of unhealthy dwellings (C THU) 
WW2 records batch released (C TYR)
Guild of Poor Brave Things (C DSHG)
Junior Philharmonic Orchestra (C DSPJ)
East Yorkshire Cricket Alliance (C DSEC)
Alderman Cogan’s School (C DEAC)
Hull Kingston Swimming Club (L DSKS)
Hull City Police Fire Brigade (C DIGJ)
Kingston High School (C DEBK)
British Soviet Friendship Society (U DX367)
The Watch Ashore (U DWA), information added to National Campaigns page for Politics and Pressure Groups
John Platts-Mills (U DPM)
Parity Pressure Group (U DPY)
skipper cards 1930s-1960s (C DBHB/26)
Comet Group Plc (C DBCO)
Forster and Andrews (L DBFA)
Priestman Brothers (C DBSP)
Thomas Tindall Wildridge Antiquarian (C DMT)
Canal Boat Inspection Cards 1939-1959 (C WHG/9) 
Muster Rolls batch released covering 1835-1836 (C DSTR)
WW2 records batch released (C TYR)
Hull Jewish Community (C DJC)
Hull Grammar School (C DEHG)

Archie Markham Poet (U DAM)
Hull Philharmonic Society (C DSPH)