Maritime Sources

Read a brief history of Hull's maritime history, the history of whaling and the links between Hull and whaling for a quick overview.

King George Dock

These pages highlight records relating to Hull’s maritime past that can be found at the Hull History Centre.

The following pages provide a more detailed description of the source including the information they contain and how they may be used.

  • Fishing Crew Lists - over 25,000 fishing crew lists for fishing vessels operating out of Hull between 1884-1914 (Ref C DPF)
  • Muster Rolls - provide information on merchant shipping in the Humber region between 1747-1851 (Ref C DSTR). There is also an annotated sample (1.2MB, PDF). 
    Update - there are now over 3700 index entries (covering Jan 1835-Dec 1837) online - see the source guide for information
  • Skipper cards in the Hellyer Brothers, Trawler Owners collection (Ref C DBHB/26/)
  • list of Lost Trawlermen
  • series of guides on a Maritime theme Ships and Shipping (or as a PDF), Fishing and Associated Records (PDF) and Hull's Docks and Trade (PDF) including a fair bit of duplication to avoid omitting something
  • a brief but informative history of Hull's Docks
  • Papers of George De Boer (Ref U DDB) contain a huge amount of research material on the  evolution of Spurn Head coastline, his involvement with the Yorkshire Naturalists’ Trust and the Spurn Management Committee.

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