Hull Workhouses and their records

Anlaby Road Workhouse
The Hull Workhouse on Anlaby Road opened in 1852 and later became the Anlaby Road Institution. After 1948 it was renamed the Western General. By 1966 it was known as the Hull Royal Infirmary. There are no surviving admission records for the Hull Workhouse. Other records have survived but these are administrative rather than personal. There are a few records from the workhouse prior to it being built on Anlaby Road, when it was situated along Whitefriargate. They are:

C PUH Minutes 1907 – 1929
C PUH 210 – School admission and discharge books, 1897-1908
C PUH 213 – List of persons in receipt of poor relief, 1722 – 6, arranged by ward.
C PUH 214 – Admission and discharge 1729 – 1759
C PUH 215 – Admission and discharge 1842 – 1848

Sculcoates Workhouse

The Sculcoates Workhouse was built in 1844 and then became the Beverley Road Institution, and after 1948 was renamed the Kingston General Hospital. There are no surviving admission records for the Sculcoates Workhouse, apart from:

C PUS 417 - Creed Register, 1st April 1914 – 1st August 1923. This gives details of name of person admitted to the workhouse, date of birth, religion/creed, name of informant and whether they were discharged or deceased.

The Drypool Workhouse was based on Great Union Street.
The Sculcoates Workhouse was situated on Carr Street.
The Sutton Workhouse was situated on Church Street, Sutton.
They all then became part of the Sculcoates Poor Law Union in 1837, but there are no surviving records.