Plans of Unhealthy Dwellings

Collection Reference: C THU

Covering Dates:  c.1895-1955

Description of the Records:
The collection contains plans of unhealthy dwellings created for the Environmental Health Department. The plans relate to individual properties and vary as to whether they are ground plans, section and elevation drawings, building outline plans etc. The plans give information such as street, court or terrace name and property number. They sometimes depict part of the street that the property is to be found on and area dimensions.

Searching the Collection: 
The records can be searched using a paper catalogue in the search room. The catalogue lists the streets, courts and terraces alphabetically. You can also search the plans by street name using the street index in the search room.

How the collection can help your research:
You can use the plans to undertake research into the types of working class housing existing in the city during late 19th and early 20th centuries. They can help inform research into individual streets, courts and terraces of the city which were demolished during the early to mid- 20th century. The plans can also be used for more general research into social housing and early 20th century government intervention to aid the working classes.