Ordnance Survey Maps

Collection Reference: OS Maps

Covering Dates: 1853-2014

Description of the Records:
Ordnance Survey maps of Hull (including some areas of the East Riding) in the period 1853-2014 at scales 1:500; 1:1056; 1:1250; 1:2500; 1:10560. Streets (including entries, courts and terraces) are shown together with individual properties. The pre-war maps (1853, 1892, 1910 & 1928) do not give property numbers, but buildings such as public houses, churches and chapels are marked.

Searching the Collection: 
Map keys are available in the library area. The keys show dates and areas covered by each OS map and will tell you which number map you need. A street index is also available for maps dated c.1949 onwards. The index can help you identify which streets are shown on a particular section of a map.

How the collection can help your research:
Maps are really useful when trying to roughly date a building as they allow you to look for when it first appears. You can also use maps of different dates to trace how a particular building footprint has changed, or how streets, terraces and courts have developed over time.