Georgian Society for East Yorkshire

Collection Reference: U DGS

Covering Dates: 1887-1997

Description of the Records:
The collection includes files documenting society campaigns and projects around individual buildings and areas of architectural and historical significance to the Georgian period. These files generally include correspondence, photographs, plans, press cuttings and reports. There are also separate series of photographs, negatives, slides, plans, drawings and maps also relating to the society’s campaigns and projects. The photographs depict interior and exterior views of individual properties, whilst the plans provide information as to building layout. The files provide contextual information about specific buildings and document the society’s opinions and activities.

Searching the Collection: 
You can search the collection for specific buildings and conservation areas using our online catalogue. You can also use the paper catalogue in our search room if you wish to browse the whole collection.

How the collection can help your research:
You can use the records to undertake research into Georgian period buildings in Hull and East Riding, threats to them and efforts to preserve and conserve them during the 20th century. The collection can also aid research into alterations to and works undertaken on these buildings during the same period. More generally the records can help you explore Georgian period listed buildings in Hull and the East Riding.