City Health Department Photographs

Collection Reference: C THD.3

Covering Dates: 1960-1984

Description of the Records:
The collection contains photographs showing properties within Hull deemed unfit for habitation during an assessment undertaken in the mid-20th century. The photographs were taken prior to the demolition of the properties subsequent to the assessment. The photographs depict building details and features, interior and exterior views, living conditions and damage to buildings etc.

Searching the Collection: 
You can search for a street or terrace name or address by using our online catalogue on the website. There is also a paper catalogue in the search room. This can be used in conjunction with street index cards also available in the search room.

How the collection can help your research:
The photographs can be used to undertake research into sub-standard living conditions during the mid-20th century. They can also be used to research streets and terraces in Hull which were demolished during the second half of the 20th century under various compulsory purchase schemes.