Committees of Hull City Council and its predecessors, 1755-2006

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C TCA The Hull Asylum and Mental Hospital Committee papers 1836-1942
C TCAB The Hull Corporation Abattoirs Committee 1899-1923
C TCAC Hull City Council Adoptions Case (Special) Committee papers 1960-1972
C TCAE Hull City Council Hedon (Hull) Aerodrome Committee 1929-1946
C TCAI Hull Corporation Visit by the British Archaelogical Institute Committee 1866-1867
C TCAM Amalgamation of the Hull Municipal Authority and the Hull Sanitary Authority Committee 1861-1881
C TCAP The Appeals Committee of Hull City Council 1976-1991
C TCB Baths and Washhouses and the Baths Committees 1847-1972
C TCBC Bransholme Centre (Special) Committee 1970-1971
C TCBE The Hull Corporation Borough Extension Committee 1876-1884
C TCBF Hull Town Council Hull and Barton Ferry Committee 1836-1839
C TCBH Bransholme Land (Special) Committee 1970-1971
C TCBL Hull Town Council Bye-Laws Committee 1836-1837
C TCBM Deputation from the Corporation of Hull regarding the accelerated delivery of the mail from Boston, Lincs. 1842
C TCBR The North Bridge, Bridge (Special) and Bridges Committees of Hull Corporation 1837-1920
C TCBS The Hull Town Council Borough Engineers Staff (Special) Committee 1887-1889
C TCBU Records of the Burial Committee of the Borough of Hull 1846-1967
C TCBW Borough and Watch Rate Committee of Kingston upon Hull 1846
C TCC Records of the full Hull Town (later City) Council 1836-1995
C TCCA Hull Corporation Cattle Plague Committee 1866-1904
C TCCB Hull City Council Care of the Blind Committee 1920-1930
C TCCC Council Chamber Committee of Hull Town Council 1857
C TCCD Records of the Hull Town Council Citadel and Foreshore Committee 1858-1860
C TCCE Records of the Hull City Council Coal (Emergency) Committee 1920-1921
C TCCF Joint Committee of the Hull City Council and its Officials 1929
C TCCG Hull City Council Engineers Department (Enquiry) Committee 1926-1930
C TCCH Records of the Hull Charterhouse Committees 1799-1912
C TCCI Records of the Hull City Council Children's Committee 1948-1969
C TCCL Records of the Hull Town Council Charity Hall Appropriation Committee 1852
C TCCM Records of the meetings held by the Chairmen and Deputy Chairmen of the various standing committees of the Corporation of Hull 1914-1920
C TCCN Records of the Hull City Council Cattle Market (Special) Committee 1899-1900
C TCCO Records of the Coal Enquiry (Special) Committee of Hull City Council 1927
C TCCP Records of the Hull City Council Clothing, Coal, Coal and Purchasing and Central Purchasing Committees 1880-1959
C TCCQ Records of the Hull City Clerk of the Peace Committee 1898
C TCCR Records of the Hull Town Council Court of Record Committee 1868-1888
C TCCS Records of the Hull City Council Cultural Services Committee 1985-1989
C TCCT Records of the Hull Town Council Charities and Charities (Special) Committees 1755-1886
C TCCV Civic and Parliamentary Committee 1971-1973
C TCCW Records of the Hull City Council Clean Air (Special) Committee 1956-1964
C TCCY Records of the Hull City Council Coal Emergency (Special) Committee 1926
C TCD Hull Town and City Council Parliamentary and Parliamentary and General Purposes Committees 1919-1971
C TCDA Hull Town Council Dock Accommodation Committee 1836-1838
C TCDC Disallowed Costs of Prosecutions and the Prosecution Costs Committees 1860-1870
C TCDD Hull Town Council Docks Deputation Committee 1886-1890
C TCDE Hull City Council Development and Estates Committee records 1981-1983
C TCDF Hull Town Council Defence of the Town Committee 1853-1854
C TCDI Hull City Council Departments Inquiry (Special) Committee 1913-1918
C TCDN Hull Town Council Driffield Navigation Committee 1856
C TCDP Hull Town Council Docks and Parliamentary and Docks Visiting Committees 1858-1859
C TCDR Drainage (Special) Committee of Hull Town Council 1881-1886
C TCDU Hull Town Council Dues and Docks Bill Deputation Committee 1852
C TCDW Derwent Development Scheme (Special) Committee 1969-1970
C TCDY Records of the Hull Town Council Dock Room Enquiry Committee 1836-1839
C TCE Records of the Hull City Council Technical Instruction, Technical (Art) and Education Committees 1890-1974
C TCEC Hull City Council Economy (Special) Committee records 1931-1934
C TCEE Records of the Hull Town Council Elementary Education Committee 1870
C TCEL Hull Corporation Electric Lighting and Electricity Committee records 1882-1947
C TCEN Records of the Hull City Council Engineers Staff (Special) Committee 1900
C TCES Hull City Council Environmental Services Committee records 1971-1975
C TCET Records of the Hull City Council Establishment Committee 1950-1967
C TCEY Hull City Council Enquiry (Special) Committee 1923-1925

C TCF Hull Town and City Council Finance Committee records 1856-1988
C TCFB Hull Town Council Ferry Boat Dock Committee 1845-1848
C TCFD Hull Town Council Ferry Boat Dock Committee 1879
C TCFE Hull City Council Food (Emergency) Committee records 1921
C TCFI Hull Town Council Fisheries Committee records 1888-1891
C TCFJ Hull Town Council Ferry Boat Dock (Joint) Committee 1877-1880
C TCFL Hull Town Council Foreshore Land and Garrison Ground Committees 1851-1882
C TCFP Records of the Hull Corporation River Humber Bank Footpath and the Footpaths Committees 1868-1910
C TCFR Records of the Hull City Council Fire Brigade Committee 1947-1972
C TCG Hull Corporation Grammar School, Grammar School Visitors and  Grammar School Restoration Committees 1837-1938
C TCGA Gas Enquiry Committee 1876-1881
C TCGD Hull Town Council Gaol Deputation Committee records 1879
C TCGG Hull Town Council Greek Gypsy Committee 1886
C TCGH Guildhall Accommodation (Special) Committee 1923-1929
C TCGM Gas Measures Committee 1861-1867
C TCGL Gaol Committee 1836-1867
C TCH Health and Public Assistance and Health Committees 1929-1972
C TCHB Records of the Hull City Council Housing Bonds Committee 1920
C TCHC Records of the Hull Corporation Humber Conservancy Committees 1883-1914
C TCHD Kingston upon Hull District Council Committee 1972-1974
C TCHF Hull City Council Horse and Fodder Committee Records 1914-1922
C TCHO Housing Committee 1948-1989
C TCHR Hull and Barnsley Railway (Special) Committee 1879-1884
C TCHT Highways and Transportation Committee 1995-1999
C TCHU Records of the Humber Foreshore Committee of the Hull Town Council 1862-1864
C TCHY Hymer's Gift Committee 1887-1891
C TCHY Hackney Carriage Committee 1890-1916

C TCI Town Improvement, Town Planning and Planning Committees 1867-1990
C TCIC Inner Cities Programme Special Committee 1981-1984
C TCIN Hull Town Council Investigation (Special) Committee 1885
C TCJC Records of the Hull City Council Joint Committee on the 350th Anniversary of the Closing of Beverley Gate to King Charles I 1987-1990
C TCK Joint Committees 1881-1982
C TCLA Records of the Hull Town Council Local Acts Committee 1836-1837
C TCLC Hull Corporation Level Crossing Committee records 1904-1961
C TCLE Leisure Services Committee 1975-1984
C TCLF Local Fuel Committee 1943-1958
C TCLG Licensing Committee 1965-1966 and 1986-1999
C TCLR Lincolnshire Railways Consolidation Bill Committee 1845
C TCLS Land Sales Committee 1870s
C TCLT Lighting Committee 1880-1886
C TCM Minutes of the council and its committees 1836-2006
C TCMA New Market (Special) and Markets Committee 1844-1973
C TCMC Maternity and Child Welfare Committee 1918-1930
C TCMD Committee for the Care of the Mentally Defective 1913-1939
C TCME Meters and Weighers Committee 1876-1900
C TCMG Central Motor Garage (Special) Committee 1928-1931
C TCMU Museums Deputation Committee 1846
C TCN National Kitchens (Special), Municipal Restaurants and Restaurant Committees 1920-1956
C TCNM Naval and Military War Pensions Act, 1915 Committee 1915-1916
C TCNS New Streets Committee 1896-1900
C TCO Minutes and papers of Council Committees and sub-committees not filed in the main series 1905-1966
C TCOH Old Harbour (Special) Committee 1909-1914
C TCOM Records of the Hull City Council Officer's Management Group 1972-1974

C TCP Property Committee 1839-1974
C TCPA Parks and Burials, Parks (Special) and Parks and Recreation Grounds Committees 1854-1972
C TCPC Price of Coal Committee 1916-1919
C TCPD Hull Town Council Port Dues Committee records 1846-1853
C TCPG Planning and Design Committee 1990-1999
C TCPI Records of the Hull Town Council Pilot Committee 1885-1891
C TCPL Public Libraries Committee 1893-1964
C TCPO Pontoon Committee 1867-1868
C TCPP Public Protection and Licensing Committee 1975-1990
C TCPR Hull City Council Profiteering Committee 1919-1921
C TCPS Records of the Hull Town Council Printing and Stationary Committee 1847-1859
C TCPY Policy and Policy and Resources Committees 1974-1999
C TCQ Court Committees 1844-1869
C TCQD Queen's Dock Committee 1929-1937
C TCR Committee reports 1931-2006
C TCRA Royal Agricultural Society Committee papers 1861-1873
C TCRC Resources Committee 1970-1974
C TCRD Regional Development (Special) Committee 1965-1972
C TCRE Papers of Committees formed for Royal Occasions and Visits 1849-1984
C TCRF Hull Town Council Juvenile Reformatory Committee 1854-1868
C TCRN Reorganisation (Special) Committee 1971-1972
C TCRO Reorganisation Special Committee 1969-1974
C TCRR Rent Restrictions Acts (Special) Committee 1933-1964
C TCRS Recreational Services Committee 1971-1972
C TCRT Recruitment of Employees (Special) Committee 1938-1939
C TCRV Records of the Hull Town Council Property and Revenues Enquiry Committee 1860-1864
C TCRY Road Safety Committee 1946-1970

C TCS Sanitary, Cleansing and Sanitary and Health Committees 1876-1972
C TCSA Salaries and Pensions Committee 1883-1886
C TCSC School Children's Meals (Special) Committee 1915-1918
C TCSE Special Enquiry Committee 1932
C TCSH Records of the Hull Town Council Shipping Dues Committee 1860-1861
C TCSN Honorary Freedom (Special) and Special Selection Committees 1921-1926 and 1964-1972
C TCSM Allotments and Smallholdings Committee 1941-1967
C TCSN Standing Orders Committee c.1837 and 1868
C TCSP Hull City Council Special (Holidays with Pay) Committee records 1909-1910
C TCSR Stipendiary Magistrates and Recorders (Special) Committee 1915-1929
C TCSS Social Services Committee 1965-1972
C TCST Streets (Special) Committee 1948
C TCSU Superannuation (Special) Committee 1924-1930
C TCSV Hull City Council Salvage (Special) Committee 1942-1945
C TCSW Swimming Baths Committee 1873-1875
C TCSY Sanitary Committee 1847-1848
C TCT Tramways and Transport Committees 1926-1975
C TCTA Treasurer and Accountant's Staff (Special) Committee 1887-1892
C TCTB Trustees of Bishop Watson's Hospital Committee 1876-1883
C TCTD Town Docks Development Committee 1973-1974
C TCTH Town Hall and Town Hall Furnishing Committee 1861-1869
C TCTC Timber Purchasing Committee 1920-1923
C TCTP Telephones Committee 1894-1968
C TCTS Technical Services Committee 1972-1973
C TCUE Records of the Hull Unemployment Investigation Committee 1892-1895

C TCV Valuation, Rating and Rating (Special) Committees 1927-1951
C TCVC Hull City Council Victory (Celebrations) Committee 1941-1946
C TCVE Volunteers Equipment (Special) Committee 1915
C TCVP Voluntary Payments Committee 1836
C TCVS Vicar's Salary Committee 1849
C TCW Watch Committee 1856-1968
C TCWA Water Committee 1837-1970
C TCWC Records of the Hull Corporation Waterworks Coal (Official) Committee 1898
C TCWD War Damaged Sites (Special) Committee 1951-1963
C TCWE Hull Corporation Waterworks (Coal) Enquiry Committee 1875-1877
C TCWH Hull Town Council West Hartlepool Harbour and Railway Bill Committee 1861
C TCWK Works Committee 1975-1981
C TCWL Hull Corporation Waterworks (Coal) Special Committee 1894
C TCWN Hull Town Council Warden Enquiry and Warden Remuneration Committees 1865-1871
C TCWO Works Committee 1876-1970
C TCWP Hull Town Council Wood Pavements (Special) Committee 1883
C TCWS Welfare Services Committee 1948-1968
C TCWT Records of the Hull Town Council Water Experiment and Darringham Springs Committee 1858-1860

C TCY Emergency Committee and Administrative Records relating to the Second World War 1940-1946
C TCYE Youth Employment Committee 1958
C TCYS Yorkshire Agricultural Society Committee papers 1855-1859