Caring for the Collections

Many of us have letters, books, photographs, maps, certificates and various papers of sentimental, intellectual, or family interest, which often are not looked after properly. Most damage that they suffer is caused by a combination of factors, primarily too hot or cold a temperature, poor storage conditions, sunlight, and improper or no protective packaging. One or more of these situations can lead to mould damage, the paper and inks to discolour, and encourage pests, such as mice.

View of brittle newspapers

This site includes basic guidelines on looking after

These include general advice on how to look after these kinds of items. If you need further advice, it is always best to seek the help of professional conservator, and it is best not to attempt any repairs without having sought advice, as the wrong process can damage the item permanently.

In addition to providing a conservation service for documents deposited with Hull History Services, the conservation team is always happy to help and advise you further in caring for your documents and preserving them for the future.