Board of Governance

The History Centre is overseen by a Board of Governance. The Board is constituted under the Partnership Agreement between Hull City Council and the University of Hull of 16 December 2005. The Board is comprised of 4 representatives of Hull City Council and 4 from the University of Hull.

The terms of reference are as follows:

1. The Board shall have the following membership:
(a) four representatives of the Council, who shall be Members of the Council
(b) four representatives of the University

2. The Board will be chaired in turn by a representative of either the Council or the University on an annual basis and chairmanship will be handed over on 1st April in each year

3. The Board shall meet at least quarterly a year upon 21 days notice and there must be two attendees from each party to constitute a quorum

4. Decisions will be taken by majority vote and in the event of a tie the chairman shall have a second and the deciding vote

5. The Board may co-opt up to two additional members but their voting rights may only extend to the items for which they have been co-opted

6. Either party may nominate co-optees but the other party shall have a right to veto any nomination and in default of agreement the matter shall be referred to the Chief Officers of the Council and the University

7. Those appointed shall hold office subject to the policies and constitutional arrangements of their respective organisations and may be removed and replaced in accordance therewith and any appointed member may resign at any time upon written notice

8. A member of the Board of Governance who is unable to attend a particular meeting may send a named substitute from the same organisation of which he is a representative. The substitute may speak and vote on all items at the meeting.

9. The Board will oversee the Hull History Centre in accordance with the terms of the Partnership Agreement dated 16th December 2005.

10. The Board members will remain accountable to their respective organisations at all times and will be responsible for making recommendations to both the Council and the University for strategic development of the Hull History Centre including requesting the resources required, and implementing such recommendations if approved

11. Members of the Board will act as advocates for the Hull History Centre within their organisations and externally

Current membership:
Cllr John Logan Fareham (Hull City Council), Chair
Councillor Helene O’Mullane (Hull City Council)
Councillor Haroldo Herrera-Richmond (Hull City Council)
Councillor John Robinson (Hull City Council)
Michelle Anderson, University Librarian (University of Hull), Deputy Chair
Phil MacDonald, Director of Finance (University of Hull)
Professor David Starkey, Professor in Maritime History (University of Hull)
Professor Brigitte Resl, Dean of Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education (University of Hull)