Hull's History - Further Reading

The following is a selection of books about Hull; many of these items can be borrowed from the local studies collection that is housed in the History Centre if you have a Hull Libraries card.

Allison, K.J. (ed), A History of the County of York East Riding, vol. 1 the City of Kingston Upon Hull, (Oxford University Press, 1969)
- Very authoritative with a good index and fully footnoted. Good for facts and figures.

Bamford, T. W. The University of Hull: the First Fifty Years (University of Hull Press, 1978)

Calvert, Hugh, A History of Hull. (Philimore, 1978)
- an easy to read history of Hull.

Frostick, Elizabeth, The Story of Hull and its People, (Hull City Musuems and Hutton Press, 1990)
- a very easy to read book that looks at the history of Hull through its people, their lives and occupations.

Gibson, Paul, Hull Then and Now (2008)

Gibson, Paul, Hull Then and Now 2 (2010)

Gibson, Paul and Wilkinson, Graham Lost Pubs of Hull, (Kingston Press, 1999)
- a collection of photographs with captions on pubs in Hull that have not survived, based on authors extensive research.

Gillett, Edward and MacMahon, Kenneth, A. A History of Hull. 2nd edition. (Hull University Press, 1989)
- the definitive history of Hull.

Hadley, George, A New and Complete History of the Town and County of Kingston Upon Hull, (1789)
- a detailed history of Hull from its origins to the date of publication. Heavy reading, but useful to dip into for Hull’s early history.

Jackson, Gordon, Hull in the Eighteenth Century (Oxford University Press, 1972)

Ketchell, Christopher, Postcards of Old Hull, (Hutton Press, 1997)
- packed full of historical pictures of Hull with captions.

Markham, John, The Centenary Book of Hull, (Highgate of Beverley and Kingston Upon Hull City Libraries, 1997)
- published to mark 100 years of Hull becoming a city with the granting of a charter by Queen Victoria. Easy reading with plenty of illustrations.

Markham, John, Streets of Hull: a History of their Names (Highgate of Beverley, 1998)
- provides a brief history of the origins of Hull street names.

Neave, Susan and Ellis, Stephen An Historical Atlas of East Yorkshire, (1996)
- this book is made up of brief “article” type overviews of a variety of subjects (e.g. transport, whaling, fishing, the Hull dock system). It is very useful for facts and dates. Each “article” is accompanied by a map – e.g. the dock system of Hull.

Neave, D, Lost Churches and Chapels of Hull (1991)
- very good for providing brief details of churches, including: date opened, denomination, date ceased use and demolished. Also provides pictures of the Churches.

Neave, David and Susan, Hull City Guide (Pevsner Architectural Guides, Yale University Press 2010)

Pevsner, Nikolaus and Neave, David, The Buildings of England, Yorkshire: York and the East Riding, (2nd ed. London, 1995)
- predominantly an architectural book, this is useful for dating buildings and providing details of how the building has been used over the years.

Power, Barbara (compiler), Images of Hull, (Breedon Books and Hull Daily Mail,1999)
- more pictures of Hull showing its history, people and industries.

Sheahan, James Joseph, History of the Town and Port of Kingston upon Hull. (2nd edition, John Green, 1866)
- accurate and detailed history of Hull up to the publication date. Anecdotal and chatty format, easy and enjoyable read.

Sheppard, Thomas, The Evolution of Kingston upon Hull (Brown, 1911)

Tickell, George, History of the Town and County of Kingston upon Hull. (1796)
- a detailed history of Hull from its origins to the date of publication. Heavy reading, but useful to dip into for Hull’s early history.

Wilkinson, Graham and Watkins, Gareth Forgotten Hull: a Selection of Photographs from the Hull Corporation Health Department Collection 1890s-1930s, (Kingston Press,1999)
- packed full of photos showing the housing conditions in Hull at the turn of the 20th century. These photos are only a selection taken from a collection of 2,000 held by the Hull Local Studies Library.

Memories of Kingston Upon Hull, (True North Books,1998) and (Ketchell, Christopher, ed) More Memories of Hull (True North Books, 2000)
- picture books with accompanying notes.