Shared Services

Following on from the successful AIMS project and within the context of the innovative joint provision of traditional archive services in partnership with Hull City Council, Hull University Archives are interested in the question of shared services for born-digital archives. Shared services have the potential to increase the provision of digital preservation across different sectors of the archives domain, but there are still many obstacles to institutions taking the first steps towards full partnership working. To explore these issues – potential, obstacles, solutions and next steps – we are holding a workshop-style symposium at Hull on 4th September 2012, in association with The National Archives and JISC.

Aims of the workshop

  • To identify and discuss current obstacles to the development and establishment of shared services. (Attendees will be asked to put themselves in the hypothetical position of service provider or client within a shared service, with clients also representing the interests of archive creators.)
  • To identify and discuss those obstacles which present the strongest barrier – would solving one problem lead to progress on others?
  • To discuss what is needed to remove key obstacles, who might have expertise, how might research and development work be funded. 
  • To agree a way forward, with required output/outcomes, process, stakeholders and ideally with some proposals for resources and commitment.

The programme (241kb, PDF) for the event and a background paper (284kb, PDF) setting out issues and questions are also available.


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