Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee

Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee
Queen VictoriaThis workshop explores Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It combines activities in history, art, literacy and numeracy and uses primary sources from the archives held at Hull History Centre. The lesson is aimed at Year 2 – Year 3 pupils and there are booklets at three different ability levels. By looking back at the Victorian Diamond Jubilee, the lesson encourages children to reflect on the events that are taking place for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Resources include:
- Teachers Lesson Plan (392kb, PDF)
- PowerPoint presentation (5MB,PowerPoint)
- Workbooks, these are PDF files set-up to print onto A3 paper with slight variations to suit different abilities - lower (835Kb, PDF), middle (858kb, PDF) and higher (598kb, PDF)