In 1536 the North of England rebelled against Henry VIII. Many people from Hull were involved in the rebellion, called the ‘Pilgrimage of Grace’.

By 1537 the rebellion in Hull was over and Henry VIII sent an official pardon to Hull, forgiving the city. But Henry also attached a list of names to the pardon: names of the people who he would not forgive!

1537 Pardon (ref C BCH/6)

This document, and our other Tudor documents, will be available to view at Hull History Centre free of charge from January 2010. Our documents are given reference codes so that we can find them when you ask to see them. This document, the 1537 pardon has the code C BCH/6.

You can find out more about Tudor times, and the Pilgrimage of Grace rebellion at these websites and in the Hull and East Riding Museum. (search for Tudor)