Students in the Needler Hall common room

Archival Skills workshops for students

Want to develop your archival research skills? Or are you interested in how you could use archives creatively?

Hull University Archives staff run the folllowing workshops for students each academic year:

  • Our 'Introduction to Hull History Centre' course allows you to explore what facilities are available at HHC and how they can be used effectively.
  • Our 'Archives for student research projects' course introduces you to the types of material held at Hull History Centre, and encourages you to think about how you might design a research project around them.
  • Our 'Palaeography practice' course allows you to have a go at transcribing early modern archival documents. It provides guidance on transcription conventions, and worked examples allowing you to check your work.
  • Our 'Bias, subjectivity and perspective in archives' course allows you to explore the inherent biases of archival documents, and encourages you to think about author and researcher subjectivity when interpreting sources.
  • Our 'Using archives in creative projects' course allows you to explore how archives can be used to inspire and support creative work such as; fiction and non-fiction writing; play scripting; illustration, painting and sculpture.

Content related to these courses is available via Canvas Commons if you wish to work through it on your own. Search Canvas Commons for this content by using 'Hull University Archives'.