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Online research guides for students

Want to use archives in your coursework or research projects but need a bit of help getting started?

Hull University Archives staff have created a number of online resources to help you.

Library SkillsGuides:

  • Our Finding archives guide provides helpful hints and tips for getting started with archival research. It explores the basics of archival research, locating archival material, understanding archive catalogues, and what to expect when visiting repositories.
  • Our Archive collections at Hull History Centre guide provides advice on the availablilty of archival material for use in research projects. It explores collections held at Hull History Centre by theme, creator and document type, and includes downloadable guides to collections under each of these three key headings.
  • Our Archival skills guide provides bibliographies and links to online resources allowing you to develop skills in core areas such as palaeography, historical date systems, archaic terms & spellings, language and weights & measures.